Sunday, June 19, 2011

Compassion and Foregiveness

When I got word of the arrest of Idaho State Senator John McGee, I was elated. McGee and I have had a less than civil history, mostly due to his insistence on being a jerk to me without missing an opportunity. My elation was undeniable and my wife ate my lunch and pointed out that my reaction said more about my character than his. She was right and I was wrong.

As much I have personally disliked McGee, I am sorrowful that these events have occurred. No one deserves this and it really shouldn't be wished on anyone. I for one feel sorry for his wife and kids the most. However, I also feel bad for him. He may have some flaws, but we all do.

As a Christian, I desire what is best not what is worst. I have made many mistakes in my own life and I really wouldn't want to be dragged through the mud for them. McGee will get what is coming to him politically, that is just the way it goes. Still, I hope that some sort of healing can take place and perhaps everyone involved will be better for it.

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